Soil Recommendations


As a new or first time grower, I would strongly recommend using soil for your first grow. Soil is the most common growing medium and with that has a lot of resources regarding its use. For beginning growers, soil is just much more forgiving compared to say, coco coir or various types of hydroponic setups. A good soil makes for a great PH buffer and also provides base nutrients for several weeks at the start of the growing cycle, this means that for the first several weeks of growing, you generally won't need to worring about feeding with nutrient solution until the medium has expended its base nutes.

Some of the types of soil I would recommend for beginners are:

  1. Fox Farm Ocean Forest

    Possibly the most popular mariuana growing soil on the market.

  2. Roots Organics Original

    A very nice soil that has excellent availability and amazing drainage.

  3. Black Gold Potting Soil

    A classic soil, very rich and loamy, not the best draining but holds a nice initial load of nutrients.


    Promix carries a wide variety of different soil and soiless products, they are highly trusted and highly available. You cannot go wrong with a PROMIX product.

Super Soils

For some growers, bag soil just don't cut it. They would like to grow in soil without adding liquid nutrients for the entire grow. Meaning all of your NPK and CaMg, Fe, Zn, etc. are all in the soil, with enough for the entire grow.

Generally this is called super soil and can be mixed yourself or bought from the store.

Store Bought Super Soil Includes:

  1. Kind Soil

    Kind Soil is highly regarded by its users as a "Just water and watch it blow up" soil. It contains a great load of readily available nutrients that will last from seed to harvest.

  2. Great Lakes Water Only Soil

    As it's namesake says, this is a high quality, all-natural start to finish soil. It contains a great deal of nutritious organic matter like worm castings, steer manure, and chicken compost.

  3. Local Soils

    Check out your local area for a great soil. I know where I live, there are several producers of bagged soil. They are all produced locally and generally have a great quality to them.

    With a locally made soil, you know where the ingredients are coming from and generally the product hasn't been sitting on a shelf for a year before its sold.

Soiless Recommendations

Soiless Media (Coco Coir/Perlite)

Coco Coir is a versatile soiless mix made of processed coconut husks and is generally mixed with perlite for an nice airy medium. Coco generally contains no nutrient load, so nutrients must be started from an early time in the grow. Coco Coir comes in dehydrated bricks or in bags like soil. With bricks of Coco, you need to soak the brick and rehydrate the medium to make it usable in pots. With bagged coco, users generally prefer to wash their Coco before using it or pre-buffer Coco with nutrients before using.

Reasons to use a Coco based medium:

  • Extremely airy and well draining. Helps supply oxygen to the roots and prevents overwatering.
  • Ideally pH'd.
  • Environmentally Kind
  • Reusable!
  • More control than Soil

Hydroponic Recommendations

Hydroponic Methods

Hydroponic is considered by many to be the "Cadillac" method of growing. It allows full control over your grow and can provide insanely fast growth and results if done correctly. There are many ways to hydroponically grow plants some of these are listed below:

  • Deep Water Culture - Hydroponic method in which roots are submerged in water and oxygenated with an air pump and air stone. Plant is contained in a mesh basket, generally filled with Hydroton clay balls. DWC Kit -
  • Ebb & Flow - Hydroponic method that relies on flooding the plant roots and draining the water off on a schedule. Ebb & Flow revolves around plants sitting in a grow tray, with a reservoir below. On a timer, a pump with push water from the res into the grow tray/table. A overflow regular or drain is on the grow tray, as the tray floods, when the water reaches a certain level, it begins to go down the drain tube back into the reservoir. Thus flooding and the draining.
  • Drip System - Also known as trickle, micro or local irrigation. Uses small holes to drip nutrients directly onto the roots or soil of your plants. Drip irrigation can be used with any medium, from Coco to Soil to Hydroton. It is commonly found in ourdoor gardens, where using sprinklers is considered a waste of water and ineffective.
  • Aeroponic - This method of Hydro consists of roots being suspended in air and applying nutrients and water by misting on a timer. It is a very difficult growing method for a beginner and generally should be reserved for experienced growers. Like many hydroponic methods, Aeroponics can use mesh baskets filled with hydroton as a medium.

Hydroton -

Mesh/Net Pot -