As a general rule of thumb, always start your nutrient regiments at 1/8th to 1/4th of the suggested feeding chart. In most cases soil already contains enough nutrients to supply a plant for 4-6 weeks. Generally the manufacturer will tell you how "Hot" the soil is and how long the initial nutrients in the soil will last the plant.


  1. Advanced Nutrients

    Advanced Nutritents basic Grow - Micro - Bloom line is perfect for the beginning grower who isn't worried about growing fully organic. This Advanced Nutrient lines is considered to be PH Perfect, meaning it will self PH itself in the solution. There is much less need to worry about PHing your nutrient solution during feedings with this product. When I used it, I ended up not even needing to PH my nutrient solution for a majority of the grow! I highly suggest this as an easy 1-2-3 product that can be easily added onto with Advanced Nurtrients full line of supplementary products. The only faults of this product is that can be quite costly, especially some of the supplement products and that it is not fully organic.

  2. General Organics GO Box

    General Organics GO Box is an all around great solution for the first time grower, it contains a great deal of value and is reasonably priced for the variety of products you get. The General Organics line is in my opinion great for soil growing, the GO Box was the first nutrient product I ever used growing and it worked great! I don't recall ever PHing anything during my first grow with this product and it turned out far better than it should have. This kit contains many things you may need to fix deficiences during your grow such as Cal Mag, and contains a nice range of products for Veg and Bloom. The General Organics line is also organic and contains NO animal derived ingredients and is considered V-GANIC, a plus for those of us who want to maintain a strict organic grow. The line of General Organics products I find to be very reasonably priced from their base nutrients to their supplemental products are all fairly priced.

  3. Roots Organic Aurora Innovations Master Pack

    Roots Organic is a highly regarded company in the marijuana field especially pertaining to their various soils that are sold nationwide in the US. The Innovations Master Pack is kit of various nutrients from the Roots Organics line that are particularly great for soil growing. Per Roots Description of the product "Aurora Innovations Master Player Pack includes the following products: 16 oz Buddha Grow, 16 oz Buddha Bloom, 16 oz Trinity, 8 oz Amino Aide, 8 oz Big Swell, 8 oz Ancient Amber, 8 oz Extreme Serene, 8 oz HP2, 8 oz HPK, 1.8 oz Oregonism XL. Designed to be used in potting soil."

    I have used several Roots Organics products, their Original soil, their Buddha Grow, Buddha Bloom, and Surge products. In all cases the products have worked great and as intended. My only gripe was that when the nutrients were mixed, it would drop the PH of solution to around ~5.0 and I would have to add a little bit of PH up. I would not consider this a con however, as responsible growers we should always PH the nutrient solution going into our plants to avoid a range of issues.

    I personally really like the Roots Organics line and think this kit would be excellent for a beginning who is looking to challenge themselves a bit more. The addition of a mycorrhizae product in "Oregonism XL" I think is particularly nice for rooting, transplant, and during germination.

  4. Fox Farms Trio Soil Formula

    Fox Farms is one of the biggest names in the growing business, they boast a wide range of various soils and nutrient products. Their products are excellently priced and used by a massive number of people making them very stable and easy to obtain. Fox Farms also boasts a starter kit known as the Dirty Dozen:

    I have not personally used the Fox Farms line surprisingly, but many other growers I know are loyal fans of their Nutrient products and soil lines. You cannot go wrong using Fox Farms anything there is so much information out there regarding their products feeding charts and nutrient cycle that it is great for any new grower.

Excellent Additives

There are a couple of additional products I want to touch on that I think are very beneficial for a first time grow.

  1. Mammoth P

    Mammoth P is an expensive, but highly recommended microbial inoculant that maximizes bud growth and yield. It enhances plant health and injects beneficial bacteria into the soil.

  2. Calcium Magnesium supplement

    Commonly called CalMag, this product provides an ample about of Calcium, Magnesium and often times Iron and other metals/minerals that are necessary for plant growth. In soil, CalMag is generally needed less, as Soil inherently contains small amounts these minerals and metals. However, many times soils can be exhausted of their initial supply of these elements and need extra. CalMag deficiency is one of the most common found in plants grow indoors, especially hydroponically. I would highly recommend getting a Cal-Mag supplement in your growing lineup.

  3. Real Growers Recharge

    This stuff is amazing! I use it throughout my entire grow and it really does make a difference that you can see. For me, it opens up the range for the plant to absorb nutrients and supplies essential microbial life to my soil. Per Real Growers Recharge:

    Recharge makes gardening simple. It contains billions of beneficial living soil microbes that load up depleted soils with organic nutrition. Recharge is the most complete living soil Megapack we have found! Its Designed in Colorado and is designed for high performance gardeners. Recharge contains both Mycorrhizae and trichoderma fungi as well as a range of bacteria species.