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Beginner Setup


Growing in soil is a natural way to produce flavorful buds. Soil is also a forgiving option for beginners to use in early grows because it's usually willed with nutrients.

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Plants won't grow without plenty of light. Providing good light means making decisions about using LED or high-intensity discharge lights among others.

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The best start to a new grow is quality genetics. One of the biggest keys to a great harvest is having good seeds from a reputable source.

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Your grow area can be an entire room or a tent. Within your grow area, the canopy will be where the plants sit. It's important to make sure the canopy is well lit and you have enough room to move around.

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Giving your plants the right amount of nutrients at the right time is important to a healthy grow. Each stage of the plant's growth cycle require different nutrients and different ratios.

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Air Flow

Exhaust, air ciculation and intake are important to provide a constant stream of fresh air to your plants. Carbon filters and inline fans can also help disperse smells as the plants mature.

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