Grow Environment

For our first grow, I think setting aside a spot in the basement or an unused room for a Grow Tent is the best start. A grow tent provides you a constant environment without having to worry about light leakage or your cat coming in and eating the lower rung of foilage on your plants. Additionally it helps to keep pests out as well as dander, dust, pollen, and a plethora of other unavoidable factors. To put it simply, we want to worry less not more when we are growing for the first time and a tent relaxes some of that worry.


Before starting your grow, you want to decide how many plants you want to grow and how large of a footprint you would like your grow to take up. I personally believe a 2x3 or 3x3 tent is ideal for starting up. Below, I have listed a number of tents that I believe are suitable for a first time grow.

  • 1.66ft x 3ft
  • 3ft x 3ft
  • 4ft x 4ft
  • 4ft x 3ft with 2 Tier Veg Room
  • Gorilla Grow Tents
  • Vivosun Tents
  • Apollo Tents
  • iPower Tents
  • TopoGrow Tents
  • CoolGrows Tents
  • MelonFarm Tents
  • Growneer Tents
  • Opulent Systems Tents
  • Hydroplanet Tents
  • Mars Hydro Tents
  • Secret Jardin Tents
  • Yield Lab Tents
  • Green Hut Tents
  • Casolly Tents
  • Amagabeli Tents
  • Zazzy Tents