In order to grow great plants and achieve the yield and results we so greatly desire, we really need to think about the environment in our tent and how to make it mimic its natural habitat outside. Wind and Air Flow/Exchange are key to providing a multitude of functions, from strengthing the stems and stalks of our plants, preventing mites and i nsects from destroying our plants, to mitigating the smell of our plants during flower.

This is where intake fans, carbon filters, and house fans come into play. Below are some of my considerations and recommendations for proper air flow in your tent.


Basic Oscillating Fans - Having a decent oscillating fan in your tent is key to providing good even airflow over the canopy, preventing heat issues and potential mold and insects from ruining your grow.

Tip - Be sure that your fan oscillates and has variable speed settings, too much wind can cause wind burn in plants and stunt growth.

Inline Fans - This type of fan is key for moving air into and out of the grow environment. Often times vented inline with a Carbon Filter to mitigate the smell.

Tip - As a rule of thumb, get a larger Inline then you think you will need and buy a variable fan speed controller to adjust the power.

Carbon Filter - A Can filter or Carbon Filter is a cylindrical metal tube that contains activated charcoal. This charcoal scrubs the air that passes through it of smells and particulate matter.

Tip - A Carbon Filter is not essential if you are NOT worried about the smell of your grow permeating the house/area it is in.

Inline Fan/Carbon Filter Kits - I would suggest buying a kit that includes the above, Speed Controller, Inline Fan, Carbon Filter, Ducting, Pre-Filter, and Flanges.