• - PH Monitoring and Control is a necessary part of a successful grow. PH regulates the uptake of nutrients in Soil and Hydroponics
  • - I really like these boot trays for plants! They work perfectly as runoff trays for watering and makes it easier to slide your plants around the tent
  • - These work great to as pot risers, lifting your plants off the ground to avoid having your plants sit in stagnant runoff water. They work great in tandem with the boot tray.
  • - This soft plant wire is perfect for LSTing plants and training.
  • - Most lighting fixtures and inline fans come with a set of these. However I found I use them more and more for things like fans, power cords ,etc. Great utility tool that you don't want to be without.
  • - Solid Pocket Microscope, just make sure you have a somewhat steady hand and get really close to what you are looking at. Great for checking trichomes and the readiness of plants for harvest.
  • - Another good, cheap, microscope, this one functions off of your phone and does not have view finder. Still a great option with a high magnifying capacity for the price.
  • - This should probably be an essential, monitoring temp and humidity are cruicial to a successful grow.
  • - Used in the drying and curing process, these Boveda packs make curing an effortless process. Worry less about mold or drying to quickly in the jar, these packs keep levels in just the right place.
  • - These little hygrometers are great for mounting inside a jar for checking humidity during the curing process.
  • - These Fiskars are exceptional, I use a pair of these and they are extremely sharp and have a solid non-stick coating. They aren't perfect, but for the price I couldn't ask for more. Grab a pair and have a pal help you trim over some beers.
  • - These thicker shears are great for cutting think trunks and branches.
  • - Despite not owning these trimming scissors, I have heard amazing things about this type and pair of Fluorine coated trimmers. Very high marks on amazon!
  • - Bubble Bags for making bubble hash. BUBBLEBAGDUDE is one of the best selling most highly regarded bubble bag products on the market.